Sustainable Piermont

Sustainable Piermont is a community initiative to protect our environment and prepare for the upcoming effects of Climate Change.  Piermont stands out locally and regionally on both fronts and is ready to do more.

This webpage is dedicated to keeping Piermont informed about what the Village government and community members are accomplishing in this effort and how residents and businesses can be a part of it.

Since Hurricane Sandy, Piermont has worked hard to prepare for the future severe weather and sea level rise.  Now the Village is taking steps to lower its carbon footprint too.

The  Piermont Waterfront Resiliency Commission (PWRC) has been implementing the recommendations laid out in the Resiliency Roadmap 2014.  Learn more about the PWRC’s activities here.


Piermont’s Sustainability Task Force is now adding new actions to the to-do list and working toward certification as a NYS Climate Smart Community.

Climate Smart Communities is a program that helps communities take meaningful actions to prepare for future impacts of Climate Change and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The program provides recognition, technical guidance, and preferred standing in competitive grant programs. Piermont plans to apply for bronze certification in the NYS Climate Smart Communities program soon.

GET INVOLVED–Share your time, ideas or expertise.  Contact Sustainability Coordinator Marcy Denker. 



How does Piermont’s Carbon Footprint measure up?  According to a report on emissions from Hudson Valley communities completed several years ago, Piermont’s overall emissions are significantly lower than Rockland’s as a whole, and slight lower than the region as a whole.  

Learn more about what makes up that footprint and how it stacks up..



LED Streetlights Piermont will purchase the village’s streetlights from O&R and replace the cobraheads with LED fixtures, lowering maintenance and energy costs. Real Term Energy will assess the lighting in Piermont and develop a design for appropriate lighting levels in the various parts of the village.

The design will be in accordance with LEED-ND (Neighborhood Development) to reduce light pollution and will reduce back-light and up-light.Designs allow for local choice of color temperature.


Environmentally Preferable Purchasing Policy

Does your household or office use recycled printing paper, toilet paper and paper towels and use energy efficient appliances?

Piermont has adopted an amendment to the municipal procurement policy with requirements on recycled content of paper and for following Energy Star or similar guidelines when purchasing products that consume energy.

The policy sets a minimum of 30% recycled content for the purchase of office paper products and  a minimum of 50% recycled content for paper towels and toilet paper.

And it requires the procurement of environmentally preferable appliances, electronics and other products where criteria have been established by governmental or otherwise widely recognizable authorities (such as Energy Star, EPA Eco Purchasing Guidelines) to the extent practicable.



As part of our efforts to increase energy efficiency and reduce greenhouse gas emissions, Piermont has begun benchmarking energy use for Village Hall, the DPW garage, firehouse, boathouse, Goswick Pavilion and the Community Center.  The Village adopted a resolution to benchmark energy use using EPA Portfolio Manager and to update and report annually. Any steps the Village takes to increase efficiency and conserve energy will be reflected in future reports. Reports for this first baseline year can be found here.


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