September 23, 2014


September 23, 2014




There will be a Board of Trustees Meeting on Tuesday, September 23, 2014 at 7:30p.m. At the Piermont Village Hall as follows:



  1. Public Comment

2.  Approval of Minutes- September 2, 2014

3. Department Report

4.  Amend date of Public Hearing for Scott Morrissey of Piermont Pizza to allow expansion of the restaurant use and add music

5. Continuation on resolution to amend Special Permit for an extension to allow additional seating for Pier 701

6. Public Hearing (8:00) Special Permit for Kathleen Puder to convert single family dwelling to two family dwelling

7. Resolution to reduce the hours from Full-Time of the position of Justice Court Clerk

8. Request from Hugh Artrip to allow amplified Music on October 11, 2014 at his residence

9. Continuation and review items to BAN/Bond

10. Schedule a Public Hearing amending section 143-6 of  Village Code of Piermont entitled “Traffic” Local Law #5 of 2014

11. Approval of Warrant

12. Old/New Business

13.  Executive Session-Personnel/Contract Negotiation

14. Adjournment