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Below is a link to the February 20, 2018 Village Board Meeting Minutes

Below is a link to the March 20, 2018 Village Board Meeting Agenda

Thanks to those of you who submitted your ideas on ways to improve the Village website. One of the suggestions that repeatedly came up was a request for "better pictures." So, once again, we are turning to you for help. Do you have a great photo that captures life in Piermont which you are willing to share for publication on the Village website (anonymously)? If so, email it to us at

Good news! The pier and north-shore-walkway are now open. Some areas are still blocked with barrier fences... please avoid these areas. Thanks to Piermont's amazing DPW for all their work repairing the pier.

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Piermont Pier update: The DPW has cleared the debris from Ferry Road and the North Shore Walkway. O&R has replaced the broken utility pole. The Pier is now reopened to pedestrians and vehicles. However, due to the extensive damage at the end of the Pier, a safety fence has been set up to keep everyone out of the danger zone. This area at the end of the Pier is off limits to ALL! Please respect the request of the Piermont Police and the D.P.W. by note crossing over the fence. Citations will be issued to any violators. Thank you.

Reminder that due to the damage that the Piermont Pier sustained from the March 2nd storm, including a broken utility pole that we are waiting for O&R to repair, the Pier remains closed to ALL vehicles AND pedestrians until further notice! Thank you for your cooperation.

March 7, 2018 Piermont Justice Court is canceled tonight due to the weather.

Defendants scheduled to appear at 5:30pm should appear on 4/4/18 at 3:pm.

Defendants scheduled to appear at 7:pm should appear on 3/21/18 at 7:pm.

Adjournments notices will be mailed to defendants.

Due to the storm, the Village Clerk's office and the Building Department will be closed today, March 7th.

A big thank you to Chief Clarke Osborn of the Village of Suffern, NY Police Department! With the help of his "monster truck", he got Chief O'Shea and Mayor Tucker out to the end of the Pier the day after the storm to inspect the damage. Thanks so much for your help!

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