Piermont Waterfront Resiliency Committee

Chair- Lisa DeFeciani
Email: LDefeciani@piermont-ny.gov

Usha Wright
Sylvia Welch
Laura Straus
Nathaniel Mitchell
Klaus Jacobs

History of PWRTF and PWRC:
Piermont’s location along the banks of the Hudson River and the Sparkill Creek makes it one of the most beautiful places to live, but also poses unique challenges to the Village. Waterfront flooding, once an occasional problem for residents, will undoubtedly worsen over time due to the effects of global warming on sea level rise. The Piermont Waterfront Resilience Task Force (PWRTF) was formally launched in November 2013 to begin the work of creating a safer, more vibrant waterfront. In 2014, the Village accepted the PWRTF recommendations for a comprehensive flood and sea level rise resilience roadmap, and created a permanent Village Committee (The Piermont Waterfront Resiliency Committee) with the goal of  continuing to plan for a more resilient future for Piermont.

Village of Piermont Flood Guide:
One of the wonderful things about living in the Village of Piermont is being near the water. The Hudson River and Sparkill Creek are part of what makes the Village such a special place. But, the river and the creek put some areas of the Village at risk of flooding. Flooding is not just a problem for people who live near the water. All residents should be aware of risks and know how to find information and help when flooding occurs. Whether you live in the flood zone or not, being prepared for an emergency is important. Keep this Village of Piermont Flood Guide handy so you know where to find help if you need it.