Village News


The Village of Piermont Community Greenhouse Gas Inventory, completed as part of the Mid-Hudson Region Sustainability Plan 2013, shows emissions data for nine sectors. The pie chart below shows the emissions by sector and gives a general sense of the emissions relative to each other. The bar chart allows a comparison of emissions from the village, Rockland County, the Hudson Valley Region. The inventory report also provides data from other municipalities in the region. According to the report, Piermont’s overall emissions are significantly lower than Rockland’s as a whole, and slightly lower than the region as a whole.

As in similar municipalities, the transportation sector is the largest source of emissions. However, data for the transportation sector in the inventory includes a “pass-through effect” of the nearby NYS Thruway, so the proportion of emissions from this sector is inflated. As the Village tracks greenhouse gas emissions going forward, it will be possible to remove this pass-through effect by entering data for Vehicle Miles Traveled according to road class. In addition, in the near future, it will be possible for municipalities to access community energy use data online, making it easy to keep track of progress in reducing carbon emissions.


As Piermont moves begins climate action planning it will need to focus on sectors with the highest emissions—mobile, residential and commercial energy use.  This will involve promoting fuel efficient and alternative fuel vehicles, supporting alternative vehicle infrastructure and public transit, and providing education and technical support to homeowners and businesses about energy efficiency and alternative energy opportunities.