Office of the Mayor

 Reelection Notice from Mayor Tucker


To all Piermont Residents,


I am running for reelection for Mayor of the Village of Piermont for the 2020 – 2021 term.  It has been an honor to serve the residents of Piermont. Being Mayor has been a great experience – one that has given me the opportunity to meet and listen to so many of my Piermont neighbors.  I am hoping to continue the good works that my administration, working with the Village Board & the various Village Departments, has accomplished to date. These include:


  • Kept property tax increase under the 2% Cap (as compared to 4.9% increase before I arrived)
  • Reduced Village energy costs by negotiating with independent electric and gas suppliers
  • Created a Plastic Bag Free Village by passing a Reusable Bag Law that began January 1st – the first Municipality in Rockland County to do so – and an example for the rest of the County!
  • Closed the Piermont Pier Park to motorized vehicles on 15 Sundays this past Summer, giving pedestrians and cyclists a SAFE and natural experience
  • Formed a Traffic Committee to address issues of safety, accommodation, and crowding including walking, cycling and parking.
  • Passed a “Do Not Knock” law so residents would not be harassed by door-to-door salespeople
  • Updated the Village Web Site, and added a Village Facebook page, improving our outreach to Village residents
  • Posted all Village Board Agendas by the Friday prior to any meeting and published Meeting Minutes within 24 hours of all Village Board approvals on the Village website
  • Revitalize the business district with new stores and restaurants, including the reopening of the Community Market, working with entrepreneurs seeking to enrich our community
  • Passed a new local law requiring large groups to obtain a permit before using our parks, guaranteeing availability to our parks for all
  • Negotiated a compromise on the maintenance of the seawall, whereby the DPW can maintain the overgrowth of trees and shrubs to protect the fence, North Walkway and seawall from root damage
  • Instituted “Sustainable Piermont” to inform residents about environmental issues and help get residents involved in a “greener” Piermont
  • Started a “Neighbor 2 Neighbor” registry to our residents to check in on their neighbors in the event of an emergency
  • Strengthened our Building & Zoning Codes, including creating a new Rental Registry
  • Completed the raising and repaving project of Ferry Road so it will no longer flood on a regular basis
  • Repaved the end of the Pier as well as repaired the Hudson Terrace damage left by Suez Water’s replacement of the water main
  • Worked with Lamont-Dougherty in their renovation of the research building at the end of the Pier, as well as the beautification of the area surrounding the building.
  • Negotiated an Inter-Village Agreement with Grandview, South Nyack and Nyack to increase our efficiency as we request bids on a new recycling contract
  • Creating plan to install an electric car charging station to attract visitors
  • Planned the install of LED Street Lights which will result in long-term operational and energy savings to Village residents.

Serving as the first full time Mayor of Piermont has allowed me to hold weekly meetings with Piermont Department heads, and attend regularly scheduled meetings with:

– Orangetown Supervisor Chris Day

– Grandview Mayor Larry Lynn

– South Nyack Mayor Bonnie Christian

– Nyack Mayor Don Hammond

– Assemblywoman Ellen Jaffee

– State Senator David Carlucci

– NY State Department of Environmental Conservation


– I organized and spearheaded the Keep Rockland Beautiful / Riverkeeper cleanup day for Piermont the last two years, and plan to do it again this May.


My goal going forward is to continue to


  • Reduce potential tax increases
  • Keep Piermont clean, green and Sustainable
  • Pursue Grants to help improve the Village
  • Continue making our streets and the Pier safe
  • Maintain a vibrant downtown district
  • Improve the quality of life for all Village Residents


– all while remaining a “full time” Mayor.


Due to the new voting rules recently passed in New York State, this year the New York Democratic Primary is on Tuesday, June 25th.  I am asking all registered Democrats in the Village to come out and support my reelection bid by voting for me on that day.  In the meantime, I remain available to meet with any Resident most days at Village Hall.  Thank you.