A message from the Mayor Sanders:

Mayor SandersWelcome to the official Website of the Village of Piermont. Piermont is a unique community nestled between the Hudson River and the steep slopes of the Palisades. We’re proud of our historic homes and buildings alongside modern art galleries and world-class restaurants, all framed by the beauty of the Hudson River and the tree covered hills of the Palisades. Only 20 miles north of Times Square, Piermont provides a unique opportunity to experience the best of the Hudson Valley just outside the world’s most vibrant city. Our residents and visitors enjoy walking the trails of the old Erie Railroad along the ridge of the Palisades and those of Tallman State Park which overlook a 1000-acre salt-marsh. Our mile long pier that juts out nearly to the middle of the Hudson River provides a unique vantage point of the river. Whether it is a visit to our historic railroad station, a snack at one of our many restaurants with outdoor seating, a walk, bike ride or canoe rental that takes you into the middle of the river, Piermont provides a wide range of activities for our residents and the thousands of visitors we welcome to our community each year. These pages provide information about the government of our Village as well as information about and links to information about activities and events. If there is additional information you would like to see on these pages please submit your suggestions to our Village Clerk.

—Chris Sanders