October 1, 2013


October 1, 2013




There will be a Board of Trustees Meeting on Tuesday, October 1, 2013 at 7:30p.m. At the Piermont Village Hall as follows:


1.  Public Comment

2.  Approval of Minutes- September 17th, 2013

3.  Department Reports

4.  Presentation of certificates from the Rockland Municipal Planning Federation

5.  Resolution: to confirm the Village of Piermont’s commitment to have the 25% match available upon notification of FEMA Grant award for Hazard Mitigation Projects.

6.  Public Hearing(7:45) Special Permit for Jordan Barile to convert a single family dwelling to two family dwelling

7.  Authorize the Mayor to enter into License Agreement with  Clarkson University to install environmental monitoring equipment on the Piermont Pier

8.  Authorize additional budget to Robert Geneslaw Co. for further planning services relating to legislation establishing the Coastal Storm Overlay District.

9.   Request from Margie Turrin, LDEO Education Coordinator, to hold Annual “Day in the Life of the Hudson River” on October 10, 2013

10.  Resolution: Adoption of the Rockland County Emergency Response Plan

11.  Authorize Mayor to sign agreement appointing New York State Homes and Community Renewal (HCR) as Lead Agency status for the coordinated environmental review for the Recreate NY home Buyout.

12.  Discussion on limiting Bamboo Plantings

13.  Approval of Warrant

14.  Old/New Business

15.  Adjournment