Meeting Minutes

November 19, 2013



November 19, 2013


Present:  Mayor Christopher Sanders, Deputy Mayor Mark Blomquist, Trustee Lisa DeFeciani, Trustee John Gallucci  Jr.,  Walter Sevastian, Esq.-Village Attorney, Stephanie Tassello- Clerk- Treasurer


Trustee Steven Silverberg- absent


Mayor Sanders called the meeting to order, and led everyone in the Pledge of Allegiance.


Public Comment


Fred Devan questioned the status of the Parking lot that is for sale across the street.


Mayor Sanders commented he does not know any details at this time.


Approval of Minutes


Trustee Gallucci Jr. moved to approve the minutes from the November 12, 2013 meeting of the Board of Trustees.  Trustee Blomquist seconded the motion, which carried by a vote 4-0.


Department Reports



DPW Superintendent Tom Temple reported over the next two weeks the DPW department will be picking up leaves. 


Fire Dept.

Chief Cavanaugh – absent


Police Dept.

Sgt O’Leary -absent


Building Dept.

Building Inspector Charles Schaub – absent

Develop List for Future Bans/Bonds

Mayor Sanders reviewed the schedule from our Bond Counsel, which offered two options available for future BANS/Bonds. 

Trustee Blomquist reported the yield curve for short term borrowing over the past 24 months have seen very little increase, while the long term rates have had asignificant increase.  He recommended continuing to borrow at short term rates and review long term rates in a year.

Mayor Sanders directed the Village Clerk to seek short term BAN rates.

Resolution from the County of Rockland for an Agreement to accept Reimbursement for the purchase of a Chevrolet Suburban Police Vehicle through asset Forfeiture Funds


RESOLUTION NO.   1119                           VILLAGE OF PIERMONT


TITLE:  Authorization for Agreements between the County of Rockland and the Village of Piermont for Reimbursement for the purchase of Chevrolet Suburban Police Vehicle through asset forfeiture funds


RESOLUTION, to authorize Mayor Chris Sanders, on behalf of the Village of Piermont, to execute an Agreement between the County of Rockland and the Village of


Village of Piermont Board of Trustees Minutes November 19, 2013

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Piermont for reimbursement for the purchase of Chevrolet Suburban Police Vehicle through asset forfeiture funds in the amount of $53,856.00 as outlined in the agreement.


This Resolution was moved by Trustee John Gallucci Jr. and seconded by Trustee Lisa DeFeciani.  Upon vote the motion carried unanimously.

Trustee Blomquist moved to declare the 1982 Chevrolet Step Van VIN# 1GBHP32M1C3324954 as surplus, to be auctioned.  Trustee Gallucci Jr. seconded the motion which carried by a vote 4-0

Discussion on the Train Station


Mayor Sanders commented the train station has been discussed at previous board meetings, especially since the Historical Society came before the board several months ago and requested to enter into a caretaker agreement with the Village.  The board has discussed the possible uses for the Train Station to relieve the financial burden on the Village 


Village Attorney Walter Sevastian commented the Village owns the building jointly with the County if the Village is considering selling the building.  It would be feasible for the Village to lease it out to generate revenue to offset taxes, which would keep the building in ‘municipal use’.


Trustee Gallucci Jr. has reviewed the train station to look at possible uses, including a residential lease.  He believes with minor modifications it could be turned into a residential space.  There a two options -either rent the entire space, or rent only the second floor which would enable the Historical Society access to maintain the first floor.    He believes both options would cost about the same to convert but it would be more beneficial on the Village to rent the entire building.  The Village could preserve the ticket booth for the Historical Society.  The building inspector would need to meet with contractors to discuss the cost to convert to verify its feasibility.


Trustee Blomquist thinks is a great idea to rent the second floor, and keep the 1st floor for the historical society. 


Trustee DeFeciani questioned the cost to maintain the building on a yearly basis.  She would like to maintain it as a historical site, but thinks it would be great to lease the second floor as a caretaker rental.


Mayor Sanders questioned Village Attorney Walter Sevastian if we could add provisions in any lease agreement for the Train Station that it be strictly maintained as a historical site

Village Attorney Walter Sevastian commented the Village can add any provisions into the lease agreement.


Trustee DeFeciani questioned what the projected revenue is if we convert the space into a single family rental


Trustee Galluccci Jr. replied it could generate as much as $24, 000 annually for both floors.


Mayor Sanders questioned the impact of current caretaker agreement with the Historical Society.


Village Attorney Walter Sevastian referred to the original lease agreement with the Historical Society, which due to financial burden of reoccurring monthly expenses they requested to take on a lesser role and enter into a caretaker agreement.  The new caretaker agreement can be terminated by either party at any time.


Ed Traynor of the Piermont Historical Society commented he thinks there would be substantial cost to bring the Train Station up to current Building/Fire Codes.  He also referred to the original purchase of the Train Station which included deed restriction and was designated for specific purposes.




Village of Piermont Board of Trustees Minutes November 19, 2013

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Rich Esnard, also of the Historical Society, commented the Train Station is a Historic Site and should be maintained and preserved as a museum, and is against leasing it.  He remarked that it is the most important historic site in Piermont, which brings tourists to

the Village.  He invited the board and residents for a tour at the Train Station on Sunday November 24, 2013 starting at noon.


Mayor Sanders tabled this for further review and discussion to the next Village Board Meeting December 3, 2013.


Approval of Warrant

Trustee Blomquist moved to approve the Warrants in the amount of $ 45,158.51 attached to the Minutes.  Trustee DeFeciani seconded the motion, which was carried by a vote of 4-0.


Old/New Business

Mayor Sanders thanked Dan Sherman and the Piermont Parks commission for the wonderful work in providing all new plants and bushes that were donated at Kennedy Park.   He also thanked Charlotte Kim, Carol Cameron, and Rochelle Spooner for volunteering with the gardening.  He also thanked the DPW department for delivering the top oil making it possible for all the new plantings.


Mayor Sanders also reported he received notification from the New York State Department of Labor PESH division that all the citations have been abated and the case file is closed.  He recognized the remarkable efforts of Clerk-Treasurer Stephanie Tassello for coordinating the departments and thanked all for pulling together in abating all the citations, making sure the Village did not receive any costly violations.


Village Attorney Walter Sevastian received an email for the planning board indicating there is a drafting error in the Villages noise ordinance. The Village will need to modify and amend the local law of the Village Code.   He will provide a draft local law and will look to schedule a public hearing to amend the local law in January 2014.


Trustee DeFeciani had nothing to report

Trustee Blomquist had nothing to report

Trustee Gallucci Jr. had nothing to report


Mayor Sanders reminded the Board that Betsy Blair of the DEC, and a member of the New York State Parks will review and provided an update on the status of the Piermont Marsh on December 10, 2013 beginning at 7:30pm at Village Hall.


Executive Session


Trustee Gallucci Jr. moved to enter into Executive Session to discuss personnel / contract issues.  The motion was seconded by Trustee Blomquist and upon vote the Board entered Executive Session.


Trustee Blomquist moved to exit Executive Session, Trustee DeFeciani seconded.  Upon the vote, the motion passed and the board returned to regular session.


Trustee Gallucci Jr. moved to add the position of MEO II.  Trustee Blomquist seconded the motion, which carried by a vote 4-0



Trustee Gallucci Jr. moved to adjourn the meeting at 8:35   pm. Trustee Blomquist DeFeciani seconded the motion, which was carried by a vote of 4-0.




Respectfully submitted,

Stephanie Tassello