June 4, 2013


June 4, 2013




There will be a Board of Trustees Meeting on Tuesday, June 4, 2013 at 7:30p.m. At the Piermont Village Hall as follows:



1.  Public Comment

2.  Approval of Minutes- May 21th, 2013

3.  Department Reports

4.  Request from Margie Turrin of Lamont Doherty to use Parelli Park for two events on June 11, 2013 & July 20, 2013

5.  Discussion on Outside Baseball/ Softball Leagues to use Art Rittenberg Field for a Fee

6.  Continuation on Request from Margaret Grace of the Sparkill Creek Watershed Alliance to hold the 400th Anniversary of the Two Row Wapum treaty

7.  Continuation on Request from the Piermont Chamber of Commerce to waive fees for Bastille Day

8.  Request from the Piermont Chamber of Commerce to use Parelli Park during the Apple Fest September 29, 2013

9.  Discussion on Storm Surge Study Grant Awarded to Village of Piermont from NYS DEC Husdson River Estuary & NEIWPCC

10.  Request from DPW Superintendent  to purchase a Garbage Truck on State Bid Contract

11.  Approve and Award Bid for Ford E-350 Chasis Ambulance

12.  Declare Police Department 2008 Dodge Charger Surplus to be auctioned

13.  Review proposal from Korn Rosenbaum LLP to provide services for a Financial Audit for FYE 2013

14.  Approval of Warrant

15.  Old/New Business

16.  Executive Session-Discussion on Grievances

17.  Adjournment