January 7, 2014




January 7, 2014




There will be a Reorganizational Meeting of the Board of Trustees on Tuesday, January 7, 2014 at 7:30 PM at the Piermont Village Hall as follows:


1.                 Swearing in of Village Justice

2.                 Swearing in of Village Trustees

3.                 Swearing in of Mayor

4.                 Appointment of Deputy Mayor

5.                 Appointment of  Village Clerk-Treasurer

6.                 Appointment of Deputy Village Clerk-Treasurer

7.                 Appointment of Village Attorney

8.                 Appointment of Assistant Village Attorney

9.                 Appointment of Acting Village Justice

10.            Appointment of Village Engineer

11.            Appointment of Registrar of Vital Statistics

12.            Appointment of Deputy Registrar of Vital Statistics

13.            Appointment of Member(s) of the Planning Board

14.            Appointment of Alternate(s) to the Planning Board

15.            Appointment of Chair of the Planning Board

16.            Appointment of Member(s) to the Zoning Board of Appeals

17.            Appointment of Alternate(s) to the Zoning Board of Appeals

18.            Appointment of Chair of the Zoning Board of Appeals

19.            Designation of Trustee Liaisons to Village Departments

20.            Designation of Official Newspaper

21.            Designation of Official Depositories

22.            Designation of Legal Notice Posting locations

23.            Designation of Schedule of Board of Trustees Meetings

24.            Annual Adoption of Procurement Policy

25.            Annual Resolutions


General Business


26.            Resolution authorizing the Mayor to sign three (3) Employee’s Letters of Understanding for the Calendar Year 2014

27.            Resolution authorizing the Mayor to sign one (1) Memorandum of Understanding

28.            Request from American Cancer Society to hold their annual George Washington Bridge Challenge June 8, 2014

29.            Accept Resignation from Part-Time Police Officer

30.            Approval of Minutes – December 3, 2013

            December 10, 2013 – Workshop

       December 17, 2013

31.            Approval of Warrant

32.            Old /New Business

33.            Department Reports

34.            Adjournment