PFD Explorers

PFD Explorers

The Piermont Fire Department Explorer Club has been in operation since 2006. The program is for individuals 13-15 who are interested in and want to learn about firefighting and EMS.

The Explorers meet every Sunday at the Piermont Fire Department. Additional meetings are often held to cover special topics. Explorers are involved with planning and implementing trainings. They are often assisted by firefighters from surrounding communities to get a broader range of training.

The explorers are active in our community and help out where then can. The explorers participate in large mock disasters / mass causality incident drills, field days, and trainings.

Explorers are assigned and responsible for maintaining their assigned turnout gear. The fire department has obtained gear and tools for training and to enhance and ensure safety of participants during activities. Much of this gear may also be used to assist the community and fire department in the event of a disaster.

The explorers are involved in many community events. They may be called to help conduct fire drills, assist at local festivals, be victims for mock disaster drills and helped other community groups with projects. The post is self-funded so they conduct several fundraising activities such as car washes and boot drives.

Almost all of our Explorers go on to a career or have some involvement in the fire service when they become adults. We have Explorer graduates who are now on our own department, as well as many other departments. Many of our graduates give back to the group by becoming involved as Advisors and mentors once they become firefighters. Our goal is to continue to provide as broad a training base as possible and instill as much knowledge as we can for our participates to achieve their goal of becoming firefighters and responsible members of their communities.

All Explorers operations are funded through donations and fundraising.