Village News

A New Year’s message from the Mayor:

To all Piermont Residents,
As I finish my first year as Mayor, we reflect. I consider it an honor to serve the residents of Piermont, and it has been wonderful to meet many fine people. Being Mayor has been a great learning experience –  one that I truly enjoy.
I would like to take this opportunity to thank the heads of our various Departments, Boards, Legal and Clerks for their help. The Village is extremely fortunate to have such talented & professional people. I would especially like to thank the Trustees for their support and advice this year. Working with the Village Board, we have accomplished many goals this year, including:
– Kept the tax increase under the 2% Cap, vs. a 4.9% increase the year before
– Reduced the Village energy costs by negotiating with independent electric & gas suppliers
– Created a Plastic Bag Free Village by passing a Reusable Bag Law that starts January 1st – the first Municipality in Rockland County to do so – and an example for the rest of the County!
– Closed the Piermont Pier Park to motorized vehicles on 15 Sundays this past Summer, giving pedestrians and cyclists a SAFE and natural experience
– Formed a Traffic Committee to address issues of safety, accommodation, and crowding
– Passed a “Do Not Knock” law so residents would not be harassed by door-to-door salespeople
– Updated the Village Web Site, and added a Village FaceBook page, improving our outreach to the Village residents
– Posting Village Board Agendas by the Friday before, & Meeting Minutes within 24 hours of Board approval, on the Village website
– By creating a business-friendly environment, we helped revitalize the business district with new stores and restaurants, including the reopening of the Community Market
– Passed a new Local Law requiring large groups to obtain a permit before using our parks, guaranteeing availability to our Parks for all
– Negotiated a compromise on the maintenance of the seawall
– Instituted “Sustainable Piermont” to inform residents about Environmental issues and help get residents involved in a “greener” Piermont
– Started a “Neighbor 2 Neighbor” registry to have neighborhood leaders check in on their neighbors in the case of an emergency
– Straightened our Building & Zoning Codes
– Completed the raising and repaving project of Ferry Road so it will no longer flood on a regular basis
– Soon to have an Electric Car Charger to attract visitors, and LED Street Lights which will ultimately save the Village a lot of money in electric costs
Quite a list of accomplishments!
Once again, I encourage our Residents to get more involved in the Village to help make Piermont a better place to live.  We have many excellent organizations and non-profits in our Village that are looking for people to get involved.  Some are looking for Volunteers.  Some are looking for Board or Committee members.  Organizations such as the:
– Piermont Fire Department
– Piermont Historical Society
– Piermont Civic Association
– Sustainable Piermont Committee
–  Traffic Committee
– Piermont Chamber of Commerce
– Piermont Library
– P.A.L.
These organizations, as well as others, are always looking for residents to get involved. Every moment you can spend with these organizations is greatly appreciated and greatly in need. There are a handful of residents trying to do the work of many. Action gets you involved and gives you a voice. I urge you to contact any of these or other organizations, join them, and make a difference! It will help to make Piermont a better place to live!
Finally, I would like to reiterate that, as a full-time Mayor, I am available to meet with any Resident at almost any time.  If you have a question about something going on in the Village, or a concern, I urge you to reach out to me to talk one on one. During the week I am generally in, or around, Village Hall. Just stop on by – let’s talk!  Or, I can be reached through the following:
Phone: 845-359-1258, Ext. 304
If I am not around, leave a message. I will get back to you. I also encourage all Residents to attend Village Board meetings, which are held the first and third Tuesdays of every month, starting at 7:30 PM. Sign up for Public Comment – your voice will be heard by the Board. 
I want to wish all our Residents a very Happy & Healthy New Year.
Bruce Tucker
Mayor, Village of Piermont, NY